The Company:

  1.  We are a Melbourne based company that is importing and distributing  'Exotic Food Products" from South America.

  2. We have carefully chosen our suppliers in Latin America to be able to provide our clients with the best product available in the market. We ensure high standards are followed when harvesting, washing, peeling, packing, freezing and distributing our food products.

  3. We provide 100% natural frozen fruits pulp, nothing is added to the fruit when harvest nor when packed. Sometimes the taste of our fruits can slightly vary because not every single fruit is exact to one another, but we have high standards when picking the fruits and when packing them to ensure every piece of fruit is at its highest quality and condition.  

  4. With the latest technology when processing fresh picked fruits, and then freezing and transportation, we have the opportunity to offer the Australian market a 100% natural product without preservatives or sugar content, keeping all the flavour, aroma and beneficial properties.


The Product:

Cheeky Fruits frozen fruit pulp/puree

a)      100% Natural fruit

b)      Cocktails

c)      No added sugar, sweetener, or preservatives

d)      Natural sweet and nutrients from fruits rather than sugar, sweetener, preservatives or artificial products.

e)     Great variety of tropical and exotic fruits from South America

f)      Easy storage

g)     Portion control system( no wastage)

h)     Full Availability throughout the year

i)      Health Benefits

j)      Perfect for Juices & Smoothies

k)     Easy preparation “just add water or milk” and blend. (Ready in 30 sec.)

l)      No Price fluctuation


 Principal Use:

a) Natural fresh juices, smoothies and shakes

b) Jelly

c) Jam

d) Yoghurts

e) Custards

f) Pastry

g) Baby purees

h) Fruit sauce

i) Direct consumption

j) Ice cream making

k) Cooking/ desserts/ exotic dishes

l) Pre-packed bottled juices/ as row material


Who Is This Product For?

a)      Hotels

b)      Restaurants

c)      Coffee Shops

d)     Bakeries

e)      Ice Cream makers / Gelato

f)       Juice Bars

g)      Supermarkets

h)      Hospitals

i)        Schools / Universities

j)        Juice Manufacturers    


Plese enjoy this bit of Latin America in Australia!

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