Welcome to the Cheeky Foods e-commerce portal. Here you will find a great range of product from South America and Spain.

Our MAIN product is the Fruit Pulp...

here are some of the benefits:

    1. 1- Guaranteed product quality, we use 100% fruit (peeled and unseeded). Plant manufacturer located in South America, the home of the greates range of exotic fruits that can process the product in the fresh form, and with the help of quick freezing tecnology to provide the consumer with all the taste and beneficial properties of the fruit that is always kept intact. The tecnology used extracts the best part of the fruit and is then packed for consumption.

    2. 2- The product contains NO preservatives, stabilizers or sugar.

    3. 3- Wide range of products and flavours

    4. 4- Diverse range of applications (fruit juices & smoothies, alcoholic cocktail, milkshakes, sauces, cakes, yogurts, baby food, desserts, sorbets, gelato and ice cream).5- Convenient Packaging: 100 gr. (portion control) for a single preparation and consumption. The packaging has been designed to guarantee a quick and easy preparation with zero wastage.

    5. 5- Our products are available all year round. No Seasonal availability.

    6. 6- No price fluctuation, same price all year!

Fruit Pulp Process
We also offer a great range of vegetables such as Yellow potatos (papa Criolla), Plantains (Platano), Cassavas (Yuca) and Corn Breads (Arepas).

If you know of a product that we don't sell and you would like to have available in Australia, please let us know by email. We wil be happy to help you.


We hope you enjoy the experience.

The Cheeky Foods Team

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