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Aguardiente Cristal Traditional (750mL)

Aguardiente Cristal Traditional (750mL)

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A traditional drink with an aniseed flavour that brings history to the present. Aguardiente is considered the national liquor of Colombia, from the sugarcane fields, mixed with anise. Distillation converts the sugar to alcohol.

Producing a liquor with water from our own springs, treated and microfiltered, is one of the differentiating factors of this anise-flavoured alcoholic beverage. Our spirits are based on extremely pure spring water. This is located at the top of the mountains, where 68 springs of pure water emerge, forming 3 streams called: Pinera, Cristalina and Guayabal. The result is the mixture of fine and natural essential oils of anise and fennel, so that lovers of aniseed liqueurs can enjoy the best aguardiente.

Superior world flavour award granted by the ITQI (International Taste and Quality Institute).

Alcohol is not for sale to people under the age of 18. We supports the Responsible Service of Alcohol. Please drink responsible.

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