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Freeze-Dried Hazelnut Coffee Juan Valdez (95g)

Freeze-Dried Hazelnut Coffee Juan Valdez (95g)

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Avellana / Hazelnut, a flavour used in different desserts and confectionery (hazelnut cream). The perfect pairing for coffee! A study by Kerry International locates this flavouring in the ubiquity phase, consumer-approved flavours that are here to stay.

Created with a careful process that preserves outstanding aroma and flavour, enjoy the best coffee in an instant. Juan Valdez® carefully selects coffees from the finest speciality beans to provide the ultimate taste experience. 100% Arabica beans, chosen for their size and unique qualities, reflect the diversity of the Colombian Andes mountains and offer a wide variety of flavour profiles to satisfy every palate. Discover the richness and aroma of Colombian coffee combined with distinctive attributes in each smooth, satisfying cup.

A delicious fusion of hazelnut flavours and the best Colombian coffee.
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