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Ron Viejo de Caldas Gran Reserva Especial 15 Years Old Rum (700 ml)

Ron Viejo de Caldas Gran Reserva Especial 15 Years Old Rum (700 ml)

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Since 1928, Viejo de Caldas has been the rum leader in the Colombian market and very appreciated in all of South America.The rum has a translucent amber colour and is created to satisfy the world's demanding requirements in a type of rum which has the finest flavour and aroma. Viejo de Caldas 15 years old great special reserve An exquisite and traditional rum, it is produced from sugarcane and aged for fifteen years in oak barrels so that the characteristic flavours and aromas are consistently maintained.

Colombia’s finest rum, developed with the secrets of the Caribbean and the traditions of Spain. The aristocratic lineage and aging in oak casks produce the smooth taste, body and flavour of Ron Viejo De Caldas.Viejo de Caldas Rum received the Superior Flavour Award, recognition given by the International Institute of Flavours and Quality (ITQI, its English acronym), an independent organisation that seeks to promote excellence in food and beverages.

Delicate almond and aged notes identify this magnificent rum that slide into your mouth, with a wonderful body, impregnating it with a flavour of greater acidity and wood. Flavour with greater acidity, sweet, winey, vanilla, nuts, almonds and coconut with a soft heat residual in the throat and notes of wood.

*Winner of the great Monde Selection medal.

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