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Sliced Ripe Plantain Cheeky Foods (1kg)

Sliced Ripe Plantain Cheeky Foods (1kg)

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The plantain, cambur, topocho or guineo, whatever it is called in different countries of Latin America and depending on its maturation, is an exquisites that brings an exotic and unique touch to Latin dishes, In its mature state, it has usually yellow skin with black spots, The ripe plantain in slices allows its cooking to be faster and it is also perfect to decorate each meal. This product is pre-fried using a blend of vegetable oils.

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Customer Reviews

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Maria Vanegas

Sliced Ripe Plantain Cheeky Foods (1kg)

Satisfied customer
Great Product

I usually buy the Slice Ripe Plantain from Cheeky Foods and it is quite good. Also the customer service is exceptional! Quick delivery. I highly recommend cheeky foods!

Juan Aguirre
Best product in town

Definitely recommend this product, its versatility to be part of different dishes around the day is great. Besides the exquisite taste of colombian culinary

Edgar O
Deliciously sliced ripe plantain from Cheeky Foods

Cheeky Foods' ripe plantains (platanos maduros) are simply delicious! Perfectly sweet with a great texture. Highly recommend!

Ana Arbizu

Enjoy it a lot . Thank you for speed delivery.